Animal Collective : Fall Be Kind

fall_be_kind.jpgMuddy Waters is to Rolling Stones as Beach Boys are to Animal Collective. It is a rock-and-roll analogy that Animal Collective affirms with its EP Fall Be Kind.

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Merriweather Post Pavilion, Fall Be Kind continues the more cohesive, yet wildly colored path that the band has chosen to take. Full of synthetic textures and multi-part harmonies, it is a wild ride through wonderland, where repetition isn’t always what it seems, and the themes are so thick, the listener is tempted to jack knife off of the diving board into the bubbling ether. The highlight is “What Would I Want, Sky,” in which monotony gives way to a playful, cascading instrumentation.

Animal Collective manages to reinvent itself time and time again. Fall Be Kind is just another phase in the evolution of the band, and while short and incomplete, it is a promise for the future.

Fall Be Kind is out now on Drag City Records.