Angels, Confederates, and Vietnam converge on Charleston

Black Angels/Dead Confederate/Vietnam

the Village Tavern

Charleston, South Carolina

March 27, 2007


In what turned out to be a great night of music, The Black Angels, Dead Confederate and Vietnam each brought their distinct brand of rock to the Village Tavern in Charleston, SC on March 27.

Hailing from Atlanta via Augusta, Georgia,  Dead Confederate kicked off the night, delivering their own uniquely Southern voice in a compilation of songs that evoked memories of earlier days.

Comprised of Hardy Morris (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jason Scarboro (drums), John Watkins (keys), Brantley Senn (bass), and Walker Howle (lead guitar), these guys lead the audience on their sweet and dark melodic travels through beautifully obscured lyrics and an equally beautiful light show.  Their passion could not be shrouded by the creative use of shadows and contrasting lights.  These guys are representing another turn in Southern music and they have only just begun.



Brooklyn-based Vietnam band members Joshua Grubb (vocals, lead guitar), Michael Gerner (vocals, guitar), Ivan Berko (bass), and Michael Foss (drums) took the stage and offered the crowd a light, blues-inspired rock and roll that was refreshing and soulful.  The lyrics are composed in a meaningful and poignant manner and seem to draw in the listener with a certain storyteller craft all their own.  Long-time followers of Vietnam claimed that this was one of the most powerful and energetic shows they’d seen. The crowd was enthralled and demanded an encore at the end of this amazing set.




The Black Angels have amassed a sincerely dedicated crowd since their inception in Austin, TX in 2004, and Tuesday night’s show was a montage of their psychedelic rock, echoing guitars and trance-like rhythms.  This bands’ lyrics and Alex Maas’ vocals are remniscent of the poignant and meaningful presence in artists like Neil Young and Jim Morrison.  Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this ominous, dark and powerful message that is The Black Angels’ music.


photos by Merideth Finney Garrigan