Angela Desveaux & the Mighty Ship : The Mighty Ship

angeladesveaux_cov.jpgAngela Desveaux wears her country-pop upbringing well, like a dress that she has torn apart and meticulously mended with her own sonic threads.

The Mighty Ship, Desveaux’s second release with her band, aptly titled The Mighty Ship, is a charming, versatile collection. The Canadian singer splashes into matters of the heart with gusto and a flowery disposition, not to mention the arresting ability to craft a pop hook. From the winsome “Other Side”
 to the spry “The Way You Stay,” The Mighty Ship’s polish and Desveaux’s relaxed style meld comfortably on the hearth-warm 10 tracks. The album truly succeeds in the rich presentation of sparse instrumentation on tracks liked “For Design,” exposing warm texture and understated spirit.

Angela Desveaux is a fresh voice, one enhanced by the inimitable talents of The Mighty Ship. The Mighty Ship does drift a bit, wandering off course as it navigates between hits and misses. But even at its rockiest, this album brims with excitement and promise.

The Mighty Ship is out now on Thrill Jockey.