Andy Friedman & the Other Failures : Weary Things

andy_friedman_weary.jpgCan Andy Friedman really be this miserable?

On "I Miss Being Broken, Lowdown, and Alone," the opening track on Weary Things, the first offering with his latest band, The Other Failures, Andy Friedman broodingly sings of shedding the mantle of newfound redemption for the comfort of past misery. It seems to Friedman, perhaps, that the grass is just a little bit darker on the other side of the fence.

This dark wit, for which Friedman is well known in the thriving Brooklyn country scene, is omnipresent on Weary Things. Produced by good friend (and guitar wizard in his own rite) Paul Curreri, Friedman and The Other Failures take a world-worn view on the album’s eleven tracks. Time and again, Friedman pines for old times, sharing the opinion that change is a challenge, that the good ol’ days – wherever they are and whatever they entailed – were just plain better.

"Freddy’s Backroom" chronicles the demise of a favorite local watering hole, "Idaho" takes on an anywhere-but-here attitude, and "Locked Out of the Building" juxtaposes the frivolity of youth with the demands of maturity. On these and the album’s other tracks, the here and now just can’t stack up against life’s used-to-bes.

Like Friedman, listeners can surely identify with the allure of yesteryear. For Friedman and The Other Failures, though, Weary Things is proof positive that looking forward will be just as satisfying.

Weary Things is out now on City Salvage Records.