Andre Williams and the New Orleans Hellhounds : Can You Deal With It?

andre_williams_deal.jpgAndre Williams, aka "Mr. Rhythm," sets a new standard on the raucous release with The New Orleans Hellhounds, Can You Deal With It? Returning to the forefront of a bustling punk/rhythm and blues music scene, Williams brings all of the biting edge and sardonic sense of humor one would expect of someone nicknamed by none other than the late comic great, Red Foxx. And, Williams’ spicy lyrics are often as blue as Foxx’s legendary stand up banter.

The genius on Can You deal with It? is the odd pairing of "Mr. Rhythm" with the Crescent City‘s hardcore punk pranksters, The New Orleans Hellhounds. Songs like "Pray For Your Daughter" and "If You Leave Me" take on a seasoned, bawdy nature that grips the listener’s imagination tightly while swinging loosely to off-patterned jazz time signatures.

Destined to be one of 2008’s sharp and memorable entries, the hard living lyrical poetry of Andre Williams’ buried deep inside Can You Deal With It? is matched only by The New Orleans Hellhounds’ bent buzz saw instrumental arrangements. Oh, Man! 

Can You Deal With It? is out now on Bloodshot Records.