Amy Ray : Lung of Love

She may be one-half of famed folk-rock duo the Indigo Girls, but on Lung of Love, Amy Ray makes her own musical mark. But, it’s not her first: Ray has five more albums, live and in-studio, under her belt. For Ray, though, her current effort recalls and reshapes her first solo disc, Stag.

“I didn’t try to make the songs hang together musically or lyrically in any thematic way,” Ray says on her website. “I just used what I learned about songwriting, performance, when to keep a vocal, when to throw it away, and tried to edit the songs until they were short and sweet.”

In large part, Ray remains true to her word. From tracks handing out ‘90s nostalgia (“Glow”) and staccato strings (“From Haiti”) to those paying tribute to The Clash (“Little Revolution”), Ray engages with her early work’s more frenetic pace.

She, too, makes space for a softer – and sometimes, darker – side. The disc’s opener, “When You’re Gone, You’re Gone,” sets a low, folksy, and aching tone; “I Didn’t,” “Crying in the Wilderness,” and closer, “Bird in the Hand,” offer variety, but, too, continue that contemplative trend.

Lung of Love is out now on Ray’s own label, Daemon Records.