Amos Lee : Last Days at the Lodge

amos_lee_last_days_at_lodge.jpgWatching Amos Lee work on the songs his new release, Last Days at the Lodge, on last fall’s tour was pure pleasure. Lee is a master craftsman, unleashing pure rock and soul confections as he did on his self titled debut and the underrated 2006 gem, Supply and Demand.

Last Days at the Lodge continues in the same vein, even upping his songwriting on "Baby I Want You" and "Truth." "Listen" reveals the social awareness behind Lee’s smooth-as-silk vocal delivery. "Won’t Let Me Go" is a masterwork, soaked in deep blues and bristling rhythm, a radio-ready piece of pop sheen. The understated "Baby I Want You" locks deep in the listener’s mindset, opening new possibilities on every replay.

 Last Days’clear tone is courtesy of studio guru Don Was, and an all star lineup of players including Doyle Bramhall Jr. on guitar, Pino Palladino on bass, James Gadson on drums and Spooner Oldham on keyboards doesn’t hurt either. Last Days at the Lodge proves to be Amos Lee’s shining moment to date in what is becoming a consistent catalog of high quality musical recordings.        

Last Days at the Lodge is out now on Blue Note.