American Music Club : The Golden Age

american_music_club_golden_age.jpg“My Love” wins instant credibility for American Music Club’s The Golden Age with the opening lines “I wish that we were always high.  I wish that we could swim in the sky”. 

The dreamy power pop instrumentation of American Music Club is backed up with airy lyrics of love, tragedy and frustration. Fronting the San Francisco band is Mark Eitzel. Another of the original members joins him, guitarist Vudi. Yet the rest of the cast has changed. In terms of musical direction, the band may have become even slower in its delivery (which may be hard to believe). They definitely opt for the slow Sunday drive through the countryside rather than the expressway. 

There is greatness wrapped up in the packaging of The Golden Age, yet it may be a little too difficult to wait on for most listeners. Tracks like “Stars”, “All the Lost Souls Welcome you to San Francisco” and “I Know That’s Not Really You” pick up the tempo and deliver, yet the majority of the album crawls along at too slow a snail’s pace.

Fans of the band’s previous efforts should check it out.  And those looking for beauty through tragedy, disappointment, and the defacing of our beautiful world, should also jump on for the ride down the coast.

The Golden Age is out now on Merge Records.