Amelia’s Mechanics : North-South


If you walk through the west, east, north, and south of the United States you will find a feeling of unity looming there. Those feelings we all share; working hard to achieve our dreams, to be a family, and survive that long road called life. If you could somehow place that feeling on the spectrum of sound, it would rest on the term Americana and further down the line would be country. And somewhere in between you will find Amelia’s Mechanics; these three ladies are Americana with a country song.  

“Kill Devil Hill” and “Moonshine Driving” introduce us to Amelia’s Mechanics and their debut album North-South. They’re music is simple and beautiful, like an old church hymn, and paints pictures of the old west, tumultuous romance, and days by the river drinking moonshine and writing tunes.  

The soothing harmonies of Molly Miller and Molly McGinn pair effortlessly with Kasey Horton’s soul plucking viola. Songs like, “John Cash Jeans,” “Give Me One More Chance,” and “North, South” tell moving stories, with highs and lows, not just through words but through the music as well.  Amelia’s Mechanics is a smooth shot of whiskey blended with strings, harmonies, and the tall tales of our experiences.

North-South is out now.