Amberland 2007 a PGroove-ing success


Cherokee Farms

Lafayette, Georgia

May 26-28, 2007


Amberland is Perpetual Groove’s annual festival, held over Memorial Day weekend.  A small gathering of the band’s closest friends and fans., PGroove always seems to bring its best stuff to the stage, and this seventh year was no exception. 

Held Friday May 26 through Monday May 28, at Cherokee Farms just outside Lafayette, Georgia in the rolling hills of Appalachia, the music kicked off with an unscheduled set on a small stage that was used as the general store the remainder of the weekend. 

Guitarist Brock Butler played a solo set, was accompanied by The Ruins, and things eventually morphed into a "Perpetual Groove and Friends" set.

Brock Butler solo: Alone Jealous and Stoned, Graceland, Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes, Jesus, etc.*, I Go Home**
Ruins Set: Standing Outside a Broken Telephone Booth with Money in my Hand, Drink then Fill, Eminence Front, Cold Beaches
Brock solo: Girl on LSD
Perpetual Groove and Friends: Bobblehead Funk^, Can You Get to That%, Level^#, To Shed Light or Cast Shadows/Dust, Andromeda, For Now Forget$

* w/ Deanne "SuperDee" Herman-Violin
** w/ Matt McDonald – Rhodes
^ w/ John Hruby (The Ruins) – Keys
% w/ John Post – Rhodes
# w/ Damien Perry – Guitar
$ w/ Michael F. Blair – Guitar

The Ruins:
Brock Butler – Guitar and Vocals
Adam Perry – Bass
John Hruby (The Ruins) – Keys and Vocals
Travis Cline-(Captain Soularcat) – Drums


The main event kicked off on Saturday with the band on the main stage.  The sound system was excellent and the volume was cranked up.  With lots of energy in the crowd and on the stage, the band played seemingly its tightest music to date.

At night, the light show was excellent, with constantly changing colors and patterns that sometimes lit up the trees or the crowd.  Several special guests , including's Deanne "Super Dee" Herman (violin) and bassist Adam Perry’s brother Damien Perry (guitar) played with the band, adding to the intensity.




Saturday's show started off with a great "53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity" and a nice "Crowded Tub."  An upbeat and fun rendition of Paul Simon’s "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" featured guitarist Brock Butler’s vocals, as did the following "Free Ride to the Show," which ended with a spacey instrumental breakdown. 

"Sundog" is a PGroove classic instrumental and featured a lot of high pitched electronic sound courtesy of Matt McDonald, and went through plenty of tension and release courtesy of Butler and Mcdonald. 

The set ended as PGroove’s first album did, with the title track "Sweet Oblivious Antidote," a rare live favorite, with great vocals and a soul-gripping keyboard breakdown intermixed with tear-jerking guitar.

The second set opened with Pink Floyd’s "When You're In" from Obscured by Clouds that led right into "Have a Cigar" featuring Damien Perry on guitar.  This was one of the highlights of the day as Damien can play, with lots of energy and movement that created an exciting experience. 

 "Glock Jam" really got things started again and led into another highlight of the night, a double sandwich "Deception Structure" into "Breeze" into "Orange Wedge" and back out.

Everyone came out in their pajamas for the third set party that was highlighted by "Out Here" with's Deanne "Super Dee" Herman on Violin.  Guitarist Brock Butler rapped a crowd pleasing "We Don’t Care" between a "Macumba" sandwich. 

Adding to the special nature of Amberland, two of the band’s biggest fans, Double D and Chicken Goddess, got engaged on stage during the third set on Saturday. 

During "Walking in Place," Butler seated Chicken Goddess on stage and blindfolded her.  Thinking she was going to be serenaded by Brock, she was shocked when her long time boyfriend Double D proposed to her with a large, blinking toy ring.


Set I: 53 More Things to do in Zero Gravity, Crowded Tub, Long Past Settled In, Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, Free Ride to the Show, Beyond the Veil, Sundog, TSMM, La Casa Bien, Sweet Oblivious Antidote 

Set II: When You're In^*-> Have a Cigar* Suburban Speedball, Save For One, Occam’s Blazer, Too Close to the Sun^, Glock Jam, Decepticon Structure-> Breeze-> Orange Wedge-> Breeze-> Decepticon Structure

Set III: Mr. Transistor-> Space Paranoids-> Mr. Transistor, Two Shores, A Day the Way, Out Here**, Mayday*, Macumba-> We Don't Care->^ Macumba, Walking in Place, Three Weeks


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all photos by Brad Kuntz /