All roads lead to Vermont: An interview with Toubab’s David Pransky


Ten years ago, David Pransky was meandering around the western portion of the globe, mandolin in hand and surfboard nearby, seemingly without direction and with little care. He was a guy without sense of direction who was thinking about anything but a destination and enjoying the journey to the fullest. It was through a chance meeting with a well-established musician that David’s path was given a direct course, but just as the case had been with everything else that preceded it, he definitely didn’t use a map.

That same year, Pransky hosted some friends in his family’s “backyard,” a sprawling few-hundred acre farm in the rolling hills of Vermont. The event would soon grow into what is known today as The Manifestivus, annually hosted by the band that Pransky has called home for the past six years, Toubab Krewe. The Manifestivus is not your father’s festival, but the best part is that lots of dads attend. Boasting something for everyone, the event brings in talent from around the world, exposing its patrons to music that they may have never experienced otherwise and has a petting zoo to boot.


The Manifestivus will officially turn ten this weekend, with the ceremonies mastered by none other that Luis Guzman, the gentleman that many know as the guy who played Maurice TT Rodriguez, the guy who finally got his claim-to-fame club in the closing reel of Boogie Nights.

Yep, it looks like it is going to be another awesome weekend in Cabot and in the preceding days we figured that we would hop on the horn with the festival’s founder and the guy that chicks at Toubab shows can’t get enough of, David Pransky.



All roads lead to Vermont:

An interview with Toubab’s David Pransky

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