All aboard : Honest Tune presents Cornmeal & Elephant Revival live in Bloomington via simulcast

cornmeal ustream.jpg This Saturday, Honest Tune will host its first live concert simulcast, featuring progressive bluegrass band Cornmeal.  The show, being held at the Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana will be filmed and broadcast as it happens thanks to the magic of the internet. Cornmeal has amassed an amazing following over the past ten plus years of their existence, building a sterling reputation as a true force on the concert stage.  Brothers Kris and John-Paul Nowak have spent most of their lives making music together. Bassist Chris Gangi has been the steward of the band from its inception. Of course there is also the ever-present Allie Kral and Dave Burlingame whose respective fiddle and banjo play is nothing short of pure ear bliss. Adding relentless touring has honed their sound into what now is a mix of bluegrass instrumentation with an eclectic blend of influences, and thereby, into a not to be missed live show.

And now, thanks to Cornmeal, you can catch this once in a lifetime evening of music live and for free! While we realize that there is nothing that can compare to actually being at the show, we are bringing you as close to that as we possibly can… complete with professional video and more importantly, soundboard audio. We will be embedding the USTREAM link right below these words for your ease of viewing pleasure. 

IMG_6573.jpgOf course, all of this fails to mention that Elephant Revival (who will open the evening) will also be included in the live simulcast. 

Elephant Revival is dubbed as "Transcendental Folk" and takes string music far from the prototypical jamgrass sound of the day and in turn, puts a spin on bluegrass that is boundless, mystical and spiritual.

Hailing from Nederland, CO, the collection of multi-instrumentalists that make up the band feed off of one another in a manner that is both unique and refreshing. We are pleased to present them in this first foray into streaming music for Honest Tune. 

Honest Tune contributors Rex Thomson and Amber Jennings will be on hand to cover the show in the most complete way possible. Besides broadcasting the event, we will be providing a post show write up and photo gallery to give you not only the show itself, but a snapshot of the moment in time. 

Tune in here, 9 pm EST, Saturday, the 17th of September to be part of Honest Tune‘s first foray into not just bringing you the story, but bringing you the show as well.

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