Alex B : Moments


Alex B is a player on the low end. Bass is the musician’s instrument of choice, whether thumping the four strings as part of Pnuma Trio, or programming the silvery rumble as part of his electronica solo project.

Moments, his debut as Alex B, is layered electronica that, true to the musician, is rich in bass tone; streaming undercurrents throb, glide, and reverberate at the core. Swimming synths drift aver the bottom end of “Talk It Out,” funky beats dig-in with ‘70s soul strut on “You and I Both Know,” and heart-beats pulse for  Lilla D’mone’s angelic vocals on “Getting to Know You.” The groove ranges from flowing to disjointed, the pace of the 17 tracks slowed by meditations that lack momentum or movement like the the cosmic bob-and-swirl of “Pad 5” and the short-cycled repetition of “Waste.”

There is no doubt that Alex B is a bass impresario, and while he doesn’t hit on every track on this expansive album, Moments certainly has its … well, moments.

Moments is out now on 1320 Records.