Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan : In Session

kingalbertsrvinsessionsacd.jpgThe reissue of the 1999 release of In Session is a reminder of the power of two legendary blues-guitarists. As the only known release featuring both King and Vaughan, In Session captures the guitar gods at the height of their prowess. King, whose songs or songs he made famous comprise the set (with the exception of one lone Vaughn tune, “Pride & Joy”), plays the role of wizened mentor.  Vaughn, who reels in his otherworldly playing, takes the role of respectful student and the results from this combination are a guitar lover’s wet dream. 

In Session was originally recorded for a live TV show, and King was initially hesitant to play with Vaughan, since he didn’t know who he was; however, when he realized that he was “Little Stevie” who he let join him when he played in Texas, he quickly agreed. King makes mention of this story in the segments of banter that appear in between songs, and that have wisely been left in. It is within these moments that the album goes from great to must-have.

In Session Remastered is out now on Stax.