Alan Evans Trio : Drop Hop

When you’re primarily known as the drummer in a three-piece retro-soul/funk band made up of drums, guitar and keyboards, and your side project is a retro-soul/funk band made up of drums, guitar and keyboards, you had better be able to bring something fresh to the table. Luckily for Alan Evans of Soulive, this proves to be no problem with the release of the new Alan Evans Trio album, Drop Hop. Utilizing the talents of Danny Mayer (guitar) and Beau Sasser (keyboards), Evans delivers a record that is similar to his past work in Soulive, but comes from a very different angle.

Drop Hop is a record that sounds like it could have been released during the heyday of vinyl. Recalling the vibe of the old CTI Records, songs such as “Check Your Lugnuts”, “Whistlin Willie” and the title track would sound right at home on the soundtracks to Shaft or Superfly. “Rumrunner” and “The Meter’s Runnin'” continue the slowly building groove of the album, but it’s in the two tracks with vocals, “If You want My Love (Give It Up)” and “After Everyone’s Gone,” that Drop Hop really delivers. Hopefully, in future efforts we will get more of Alan’s singing because the man has a voice that should be heard more often.

Drop Hop is out how on Royal Family Records.