A visual EOTO captivates The Vogue


The Vogue Theatre
Indianapolis, IN
April 28, 2011 

On a recent breezy and chilly Thursday night, the dubstep extraordinaire duo, EOTO came to the Crossroads of America’s Vogue Theatre. The modest tour van and trailer that was obscurely parked in the adjacent alley gave no indication that it was the cargo carrier for the work that was going on behind the scenes as String Cheese Incident members Michael Travis and Jason Hann prepared to take their throng on the improvisational journey that people have come to expect from the pair.

img_6295.1.jpgOver the course of three hours, tightly coiled electronic loops conjoined with submerging and recoiling drum patterns redounded and reechoed upon the outfit’s most recent addition, a massive wall of intricate high-def eye-candy images of Pac-Man, giant robots and psychedelic patterns, courtesy of lighting genius Zebbler.

EOTO formed in 2006, seemingly as a way for Travis and Hann to blow off electronic steam. However, as the duo progressed, their Cheese pedigree began to show; not in the way of sound but in the way of increasingly elaborate sets and diligent tour. As a result, the billing has now dropped the “featuring Michael Travis and Jason Hann of String Cheese” that it had in its formative times. EOTO now stands solely on its own four feet and the legions of its patronizing dancing feet.

The current spring tour that made Indy’s acquaintance has been the most elaborate yet. With the aforementioned visual experience (that made each and every Midwestern untzer go mad at the Vogue)  and their unsparing 60 performances in 64 nights across the west and Midwest, the pair has established themselves as an absolute mammoth within the scene of electronica.

The stagecraft that Hann and Travis possess is remarkable. They clearly enjoy making this music. On this night, they fell into a linked unison, creating a musical alliance that was impenetrable but engaging.

From the opening syncopated notes, the crowd seemed to fall into a mesmerized dance groove as giant robots loomed behind their percussionist persuaders in kaleidoscopic fashion.

EOTO pushed the curfew at the Vogue with a three hour set that was as unrelenting as their tour. And what was perhaps most intriguing is that it still seems so new, leaving its supporters wondering “what’s next?”

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