A Shoreline Dream : Coastal

Spacey driving rhythms lead off the EP Coastal from Denver’s A Shoreline Dream. The music is heavily influenced by electronic elements, samples and vivid imagination. A Shoreline Dream is the classic example of DIY, birthing the ability to stay creative and in control by starting its own label, Latenight Weeknight. The members of the band all have side projects and further the creative process by having an active role in the local art scene thru photography, graphic design, painting and other art forms. 

The vast imagination and creative energy of the band can be felt on the track “New York.”  It provides breath-taking visions of towering buildings, hustling streets of people and speeding hunks of metal.  Everything desired in a song comes crashing together in just over 5 minutes. “Barrier” follows with mind-numbing strength.  About two minutes of reverb and feedback give way to mixed samples of odd voices, synthesizers and oddities. At times, some may think of the sounds as just noise, but even still, it is a perfect use of noise to create art. 

Admittedly, A Shoreline Dream may not be the perfect match for all listeners. But if you are adventurous and want some new digs to pound pavement with, pick up Coastal and your headphones.  You will more than like it.      

Coastal is out now on Latenight Weeknight Records