A nostalgic night: The Captain Legendary Band

The Captain Legendary Band

Chelsea’s Café

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

January 26, 2007


Words by Joshua Harding 


Cold, brisk January evenings often have a bit of a nostalgic feeling that take me back to the days of bonfires by the levee, accompanied with drink and some good ole’ country music.  Friday’s night show by The Captain Legendary Band had all of the above to ease the soul with a welcome flashback to the past.


This talented band— whose influences are deeply rooted by the Country legends Waylon and Willie — gave everyone in attendance a glimpse of what these boys aspire to be.


“Folsom Prison Blues” signaled to the crowd that the night was going to be like a familiar friend whose presence was met with open arms.  Their version of Mr. Cash’s original was enthusiastic and fast-paced, which had the ladies looking to dance and the fellows eager to oblige.


Alabama’s “Dixieland Delight” met the Southern crowd like an unspoken anthem with everyone singing the lyrics with a kindred pride.  The end of the first set had the crowd parched and needing a drink after the Rolling Stone’s “Dead Flowers.”  Chelsea’s Café was soon turning from the hippy joint it has been known as for some time to a Texas two-step haven.


The one song that is beginning to get the band some radio time is “Kemah Bay,” which is playing in some Texas markets.  This original has their fingerprints on it while lending some familiarity to their influences of old.


“Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” was played more like the Willie and Family Live version than the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s version, which again had couples cutting a rug like they were in Gilley’s.


The closing of the show had them performing one of their most ambitious covers — the Drive-by Truckers’ “Outfit.”  Vocally and musically, the boys performed this song like it was their own.  All were singing along as if they were on stage to the lyrics ”Don’t sing with a fake British accent, a southern man tells better jokes.”


As the band wrapped up and the bar was closing, all were filing out with the satisfaction of attending a night of great music.  I soon began to realize that January was almost over and the cool air would disappear with season, but I knew I could always return to that nostalgic place when seeing The Captain Legendary Band.