A lineup change for the Jackmormons

This just in from the Jerry Joseph camp: 

"We regret to announce the immediate departure of Junior Ruppel from the Jackmormons.  After 11 years with the Jackmormons he has decided to head off in other directions. While we are sad he has to go, we wish him only the best in whatever he does. He will be sorely missed!  On a brighter note, we are pleased to announce that Jason Rappaport (who we know from his kick-ass band Siesmic) will be joining us for the October tour.  Jason's a great bass player, has a valid drivers license and is saving our ass in pinch 😉 See ya'll in the south!


Love, The Jackmormons" 


This roster change comes on the tail end of a summer tour that found the Jackmormons five deep with Steve James and Steve Drizos joining the band.  The band took the stage a few nights ago without Jr. at Portland’s Harmony Hill.  Steve James and Jerry Joseph took turns playing bass.  And by all reports it was a great show. 


The band will head south this fall with an opening slot for Widespread Panic in Nashville (10.6), and some post-panic shows in Orlando (10.10-11) and Birmingham (10.14).  They also will be playing some great southern venues like Athens’ Georgia Theater (10.17) and New Orleans’s Maple Leaf (10.20).