A Few Days of Tuna Between the Big Apple and the Garden State, 1/25 & 1/29/11


Hot Tuna Blues w/ Charlie Musselwhite and Jim Lauderdale
Bergen PAC
Englewood, NJ
January 29, 2011



Jam Stampede featuring Michael Falzarano & Barry Mitterhoff
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
January 25, 2011

Many events simply do not take place often enough outside of the confines of the New York City area. Thankfully, we have photographer Vernon Webb to capture the happenings in his neck of the woods through his lens. Over the course of four days, Vernon caught up with Jam Stampede, an ensemble led by Michael Falzarano and Barry Mitterhoff, both of Hot Tuna notoriety, and Hot Tuna Blues (Hot Tuna w/ Jim Lauderdale & Charlie Musselwhite) in their entirety on the other side of the harbor.

Hot Tuna Blues is currently on a tour that will, fortunately for those of us that reside outside of the northeast, take them to multiple stops throughout the United States.

Click the thumbnail to View Vernon Webb’s Shots from Hot Tuna, 1/29/11

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