A Collective Effort in Atlanta


Collective Efforts
Smith's Olde Bar
Atlanta, Georgia
February 26, 2010

Collective Efforts isn't just a slick handle for one of Atlanta's gems; it's a universal call to the community that surrounds the Atlanta band's atmosphere. From the time that you step out of your spaceship to the time you get your hand stamped at the door, you can feel the positive vibes that are bouncing & vibrating to the music this band projects.

Celebrating their fourth studio album, Freezing World, currently on the 1320 label, Collective Efforts chose to get down at Atlanta's Smith's Olde Bar, which showed that this band is in tune sonically and knew where they could celebrate with a great sound and atmosphere.

Supporting acts Dillon, J-Live & Mafioso had no problem laying down crowd favoritesand original material, makeing it clear the CE crew knew how to get the party started from beginning to end.

20100227-IMG_8864.jpgMusically, the CE show was nothing short of a musical feat – they're backed by a great band! Guitarist Matt Weiss added guitar like no other he layed down spacey leads and rhythms over the monster beats of drummer Richard Jones & bassist Jim Coley. Bambu, Ben, & J Mil seemed to glide over the band's sounds as if they were the instruments that the band was playing. Background Vocals from Claire Kaye brought life to the songs, and synth and piano melodies came from Alfredo Lapuz and embellished the songs throughout the night.

Songs like "So Far" from the new album hit home with the crowd, and at times the band & the crowd were in sync to point that it was hard to tell who was the act and who was the audience – truly a "collective effort."

Guests J-Live & Dillon graced to the stage throughout the night to  share in what seemed to be basement collaboration between them in the past. Never missing a step, the rappers tossed a lyrical basketball back and forth.

Collective Effort's lyrics are obvious and out front. There's no worship of gold or silver, no lust for clothing or women.  Their lyrics are filled with a heart-felt love and admiration for the Earth and the humans that dwell on it, and deal with acceptance of past mistakes and reformation. They deliver uplifting messages of change and how the wheels can be put back on this fine automobile. The night was filled with nuggets of respect for one another, laced with some damn fine music. After the second set, it sunk in that this band is well on the way to huge success in the most positive way.

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