A brief preview glance at an Honest Tune New Year’s Eve….

Looking back on an Honest Tune in 2011 is a very humbling experience. Thanks to our readers, the growth during the past year has been exponential. It is our constant hope that our gratitude shows through our continued and concerted efforts to bring the most compelling content, and to do so to the best of our ability as we strive to be your main source for reviews, interviews, exclusive video performances and a contest or two, here or there.

As we prepare for 2012, we are trying to go out with a bang by covering events across the country that hopefully are taking place in an area near you.

Here is coverage that we  will have for your viewing and reading pleasure we wind into 2012 and as the month of January gets into full stride, there will be a few extra special surprises that we are bursting at the seams to get on your computer screens! We invite you to tell us where you will be in the Facebook comment section below.


The Avett Brothers, 12/30/11 in Chattanooga, TN


2011 was quite the year for The Avett Brothers. From their most successful touring year to date to one of the most memorable Grammy moments in recent history when they took the stage alongside fellow folksters Mumford and Sons and arguably the greatest songwriter of all time, living legend Bob Dylan.

The DeGaetano  duo (Brian & Jill) will be on the scene in Chattanooga to do their thing and bring back the moments from what promises to be a spectacular evening of music.


Here is a look back at our Avett coverage from 2011 through the lenses of Amber Jennings, Brian DeGaetano and Ian Rawn


The Disco Biscuits, 12/31/11 in Chicago, IL


Catching The Disco Biscuits in 2011 has been like trying to find a needle in a Where’s Waldo? haystack. With Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner devoting the majority of their 2011 time to Conspirator, we caught up with them in Atlanta to discuss that project.

This said, we did manage to track the Biscuits down on a couple of the few stages that they graced: Camp Bisco and IDentity Fest.

Chris Baldwin will be out in full force as the Biscuits close out 2012 and though their future is uncertain — from our vantage point at least — the Biscuits never fail to bring down the house on NYE. (See: “Countdown Medley” from 2009)


Here is a look back at our Disco Biscuits coverage from 2011 through the lenses of Clint Bliss, Brad Kuntz and Andrew Blackstein


The Flaming Lips, 12/31/11 in Oklahoma City, OK


While every Flaming Lips gig seems like a NYE show for most bands, the Lips take the New Years Eve celebration to a whole new level of madness.

Julie Collins of Rose Mountain Photo will be on the scene to capture the event in a way that will be all her own.


Here is a look back at our Flaming Lips coverage from 2011 through the lenses of Brad Kuntz, Ian Rawn, Zach Mahone and Julie Collins


Perpetual Groove, 12/31/11 in Atlanta, GA


Perpetual Groove is closing out the year and opening up 2012 with a bang. Having welcomed back founding member, keyboardist Matt McDonald, PGroove is taking a step back to 1.0 while steadily looking toward 3.0. Set to sail on the 10th sailing of Jam Cruise, the band is starting fresh and, without a doubt, it is an exciting time to be a “perp” (Perpetual Groove fan).

Honest Tune closed down 2010 with a documentary and a few months ago, sat down with front man Brock Butler while he played a trilogy of deeply personal new songs.

PGroove never fails to put on a spectacular show for NYE and David Shehi will be in Atlanta to see how the caper comes down.


Here is a look back at our Perpetual Groove coverage from 2011 through the lens of David Shehi...


Tedeschi Trucks Band, 12/31/11 in San Francisco, CA


2011 is a year that the Trucks clan is sure to always look back on with a glimmer in their eyes. With their debut release, Revelator, critics hailed. It was the only album to make four out of six “Best of 2011” lists from the Honest Tune staff in the annual look back at yearly releases.

We spoke with Derek earlier in the year and the excitement in his voice when speaking about the project made it even clearer in regards to how much stock that the power-duo was placing in their ensemble.

The live shows have been just as spectacular and we have been fortunate to catch up with them at multiple stops.

Susan Weiand will be out at The Warfield in San Francisco to witness the Trucks bringing down the house.


Here is a look back at our Tedeschi Trucks coverage from 2011 through the lenses of Vernon Webb, Andi Rice, David Shehi and Ian Rawn


Umphrey’s McGee, 12/31/11 in St. Louis, MO


This year brought even more success to the progressive jam veterans, Umphrey’s McGee. With their most experimental album yet, Death By Stereo, Umphrey’s continues to shine across the country, topping bills and growing an already gigantic fanbase.

This band, that earned its Wheaties in the live format, has seemingly crossed a threshold… but the smart money isn’t betting on them slowing down anytime soon.

Brian Spady will be in Missouri for the three night stand that the UMphreaks have been clamoring to get to since it was announced.


Here is a look back at our Umphrey’s coverage from 2011 through the lenses of Brad Hodge, Ian Rawn, Rex Thomson, Chad Smith and Brian Spady


Widespread Panic, 12/31/11 in Charlotte,NC


Widespread Panic  did what few bands will ever do this year; they celebrated a 25th anniversary. The year also came with news that the boys would also be embarking on a hiatus through 2012.

It was a huge year for the veterans of the scene and we caught up with them at every opportunity, interviewing John Bell, Jimmy Herring and Dave Schools and covering shows from Athens to Red Rocks.

It wouldn’t be an Honest Tune New Year if Panic wasn’t on our bill and Brad Kuntz will be in Charlotte for a NYE performance that — as far as we know — will be the last until 2013.


Here is a look back at Widespread Panic through the lens of Ian Rawn, Susan Weiand and Amber Jennings