7 Walkers, 8/1/12 (Jerry’s 70th birthday celebration)

7 Walkers
Beekman Beer Garden
New York City, NY
August 1, 2012



There are few bands that one can point to and say what can be said about the Grateful Dead. They were, and to this day are something different to each and every soul that has ever been pricked by their sound. They are the unquestionable forefathers of the improvisational live music scene that now thrives beyond anything that any member of the band could have ever dreamed.  They were and are the band that started it all; and at the helm was Jerry Garcia.

70 years ago on August 1, Jerome John “Jerry” Garcia was born and 70 years ago on August 9, he passed on to whatever the chapter after our time on earth is… leaving a musical and artistic legacy that will forever remain as one that will be cherished for its authenticity and so much more. 

Each year, music halls fill as fans recall one of the few musical giants whose fans refer to as though he nothing more than a friend of old. On this night, that friend, Jerry, was celebrated as founding Grateful Dead drummer, Bill Kreutzmann, and his group of 7 Walkers (Papa Mali, George Porter, Jr. and Matt Hubbard) settled in at New York City’s Beekman Beer Garden.

Over the course of nearly two hours, the band rolled through Grateful Dead staples as well as songs from their own catalogue that have become
well-known unto themselves since the band first released them on their critically acclaimed self-titled album nearly three years ago.

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Highlighted by Bernie Worrell‘s sit-in that gave the sounds an even more funky feel than usual, the night was one that fans will surely remember… and Vernon Webb was there to capture the sights.




Set: Jam > Mr. Charlie, King Cotton Blues, (For the Love Of) Mr. Okra, Sugaree, Hey Bo Diddle, Big Railroad Blues, Wharf Rat, Walk On Gilded Splinters* > Bottle Up and Go*

Encore: He’s Gone

* w/Bernie Worrell



►     Click HERE to download an audience recording of this show.


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