7 Walkers, 5/7/11


7 Walkers
The Palace
New Orleans, LA
May 7, 2011

Nights in New Orleans are often special. But when Jazz Fest time rolls around each and every May, those special nights turn into something extraordinarily grand. Bands come with their a-games, making their already talented sets that much more splendid. It is a musician and live music lover’s paradise with ensembles forming on a whim. The 7 Walkers late night set was no exception to this rule.

On an extra special night that celebrated the birthdays of Bill Kreutzmann and Papa Mali, live painting by renowned artist Scramble Campbell, and enough guests to fill up a section of a proverbial Jam Hall of Fame,  New Orleans own Jeffrey Dupuis was on the scene and stage to capture the event in the unique way that he is known for. 


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