56 Hope Road : Law of Attraction

56_hope_road_law_attraction.jpgThe opening chords of "Whole Way Down" twist and turn in an improvisational blender that defines the beating heart inside Law of Attraction, the bright, engaging CD from Chicago‘s 56 Hope Road.

A highly impressive effort, Law of Attraction draws upon a wide range of musical styles, yet consistently focuses in on the fine art of composition with 13 strong tracks that glide effortlessly upon 56 Hope Road‘s driven forays into instrumental eclecticism. A sweeping country pop ballad incorporates "Shatter," with the loosely cooking rhythm section of Matt Katzfey on percussion, Chad Sanders on bass and Greg Fundis on drums laying the groundwork for the track’s unorthodox grooves. Glimmering hints of sunlight color both "Vestibule" and "Dance For the Rain" as Casey Fitzpatrick’s horn stretches play off of guitarist and lead vocalist David Hamilton’s vibrant interpretive powers.

Produced by the band and Rick Barnes, Law of Attraction achieves a sonic clarity that ably introduces 56 Hope Road to a new legion of music lovers. If they reach deep inside the group’s jazz-rock oeuvre, plucked gems like "Too Tall" and "After the Show" make 56 Hope Road’s Law of Attraction journey worthwhile and lasting.    

Law of Attraction is out now on Albino Deer Records.