360° with Martin Sexton: Live, Backstage, Photographed, Interviewed & Unplugged

Listening to Martin Sexton is a trip down a sonic lane like no other. His unique vocal range and tone defies any vocal coach’s lesson plan, and his songwriting touches on the entire literary spectrum. However, it is the honesty and integrity of his lyrical craft that makes identification easy and lending an empathic ear a listener’s natural response. The best part is that he does every bit of it in the live setting…every night.

The odd thing is that when viewing Sexton, he looks like a guy that would fit into any number of fields other than the one of which has paid his bills for over two decades. If he were a superhero, he would be his secret identity and only when standing behind a microphone with a guitar, performing some improvisational vocal — shit that would make Frampton blush — kryptonite goodness would his nemesis realize that his seconds were numbered.

That is the thing; Martin Sexton’s performances slay audiences in the most delightful and awe-inspiring way. 

With his most recent EP, Fall Like Rain, Marty hasn’t veered too far off the course that has brought him success in the past. It is deeply personal at times and playful at others. However, in a decidedly different turn, the album does include a cover with Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth,” a tune that — as you will hear in the interview — is indicative of a mindset that he feels is of utmost importance in the turbulent times in which we live. 


In the live setting, this becomes even more apparent as it did in Atlanta, where Sexton made a specific point to give multiple reminders to the audience to embrace one another in spite of differences.

Ever the showman, he took requests, shook a few off, played numbers that he “hasn’t played since [he] recorded them” and of course, covered the fan favorite bases.


But before we get to photos from the show, let’s first have a look and listen to tunes and interviews that Marty graced us with prior to the show, behind and in front of the venue for the evening, the Variety Playhouse…


Martin Sexton: “There Go I” (an Honest Tune Exclusive)


Martin Sexton: “For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield) & Interview

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