30db : One Man Show


It’s hard to pin down an overall sound on this somewhat eclectic debut from 30db, but there’s no shortage of top–shelf talent on One Man Show.  While the influences are varied, the 14 songs on the disc ring with dedication, craft and sincerity, and the collective expertise of the band shines brightly.

From the polished studio value of the recording to the taut playing of the individual musicians, songs including the vaguely Beatles-esque “Always Up,” the alt-folk tinged  acoustic brilliance of “Backfire, ”the hard drive of  “Grave,” the pulsing, REM -inflected lope of  “Get in Line” and the pleasing instrumental “Wamala,” 30db offers a variety of well-harmonized, well-constructed, well-jammed songs that are sure to connect with fans of new roots music. 

In addition to Jeff Austin and Brendan Bayliss (both of whom approached One Man Show as a kind of therapy following the end of their respective marriages), the band also features Cody Dickinson, Eric Thorin and Nick Forster.

One Man Show is out now on SCI Fidelity Records.